After reading this article, I was inspired to write this post. Anna belongs to a tribe of women she doesn’t even know:
Chaste, wholesome, dedicated, trying to be holy. I volunteered at my church, sang in the choir, reared my children in the Youth Group. Homeschooled, started a 4H club, was a community volunteer. And, I was an Anna Duggar.
Reared in the church from the age of 3 weeks. That’s the age at which my mother believed you could start taking a newborn to church. She organized the nursery care, taught a women’s Sunday School class, and made food for potlucks. She directed the summer vacation Bible Schools. My father was a Deacon and almost single-handedly kept our church together after a split. And, I was an Anna Duggar. I only use her name because of the recent news about her husband Josh Duggar, and the recent revelations of his actions and choices.
I was reared to be a strong woman. Get a college degree and stay home with your children. Learn to play the piano so I would marry a pastor and be better able to support his work. A woman’s place is in the home or the church. Only, at church the job was to support Christian rearing of children and bring honor to my husband. I stayed for 21 years.  Well, 20 if you count when I found out.
What about Anna Duggar? She will be stronger and more determined because of this “trial” we would say in the church. She will make her difficult decisions as she sees fit. She will handle her life the way she has handled her life up until this point. With dignity, grace, dedication, and the good pride.
Just like we all do.