LOVE-a Multisensory Experience

LOVE-a Multisensory Experience

Love is…

The top of a baby’s head,
The scent of an ocean’s spray.
The taste of your kisses…
A ripe, red strawberry bursting.
Tenor of voice, “That’s Ole’s purse!”
“You are the Love of my Life!”
Skin to skin, lips to skin,
Scent to skin, scent to skin.
The color of your skin, your hair, your eyes, your smile, you’re content..
Squirming effort, to breathe, to stretch, to delight,
With Sense.

(Now go back through and replace the phrase “Love is..” with, “I am.”)

Avoiding the Pain of Grief

Avoiding the Pain of Grief

Today I struggled with the very human emotion of grief. Did you know, according to The Grief Recovery Handbook, that grief is anything we wished were more, better, or different? I was unaware for the first half of my life that this was the case. As a result, I did not know what was happening when I experienced these feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, or despondency. These feelings represent my unique and very personal response to life happening the way I was not expecting it to.

In 2010 I spent time with a friend, who is also a Counselor, and she so benevolently took me through grief to a completion of three major relationships in my life which had been troubling for me. This was hard work and not for the faint of heart. So I had this experience to learn from. This does not mean each wave of grief is any easier.

Expectations. Hopes. Open-Heartedness.  These get me in trouble all the time. I tend to be very human. Finite, comfort-seeking, feeling. Reality is sometimes difficult. Seeing a situation for what it is happens to be is challenging in this human experience. A very real change occurred in our family. One that we were expecting. And, I was hoping for the best. I was even unaware I was hoping for the best. I just was.

So, I called a friend. She asked if I was mourning. Drats! Again. Yes. That is exactly what it was. I wanted things to be better. And, it wasn’t better. But, realizing this was.

Strangest Thing Happened!

Strangest Thing Happened!

Strangest Thing Happened on My Way to the Counseling Room


What do you do when you are teaching about being IN your body and you realize you have not been conscious of being in yours? So, I learned that I become aware of the fact that I was not IN my body before noticing this fact while demonstrating the principle to a person.

In the photo that will soon accompany this post, you see my skirt and shoes. This is the view I saw when I realized how much I liked this style combination. I had dressed and gone to the office without noticing how cool the shoes and skirt coordinated!
How often do we operate this way? Daily, hourly, weekly, some other lapse of time. It is not that unusual to really not BE in our own physical form. We could have learned this by observing others throughout our life. Maybe something tragic happened in our world and we needed to leave our body for a bit to feel safe. That is called Dissociation in extreme cases: a very necessary protection for our emotions.

I guess for me, it was about being the student and the teacher all in the same moment.

And, I really like these shoes and skirt together.

There is hope for all of us.